Our story, our value

Our research shows that the shortage on talent is going to become acute in the near future. This is great news for job seekers. But if these shortages are not filled, it will spiral into a situation where growth of the nations are stagnated and prosperity of the masses becomes a distant dream.

To leverage the situation, we must understand which skills are in demand in the future, understand our capabilities and then prepare accordingly so that we are able to fulfil those positions demanding our skills. This requires us to be extremely adaptable to learn new skills. Most of the times, we are capable to learn new skills but we continue to stick to our current skills and stop learning. This really leads to the talent shortage which has a far reaching impact on our economy.

Our goal at PaanGO is to understand this demand for future, provide a means to understand your true capabilities and find a match to the skill in demand and provide the help and means to you to acquire those skills. PaanGO believes in systematically developing your skills to match the future demands.

We believe in the constant search of yourself to discover your true potential. Once identified, we develop a path that leads towards that realization. Each day, with little effort, we provide the means to help you walk along the path to realize your goal. We have started the journey with building resume.