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PaanGO resume / CV builder : Get started guide
PaanGO’s resume builder provides an easy way to create an effective professional resume / CV. Key features include:
  • Pre-built resume templates designed to suite various job requirements. The various resume templates include infographic resume, modern, classic and traditional resume templates.
  • Quality score along with guidelines to improve the quality of your resume / CV.
  • Download resume in PDF format or share resume online.


Create link of your resume and share it
PaanGO provides 2 ways to apply for jobs
  • Create share link and email it to recruiter for the applicable job
  • Go to PaanGO jobs and apply for jobs


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Prepare yourself for job interview by taking practice tests

PaanGO provides practice tests to prepare for the job interview. Tests include interview questions from companies like Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, Infotech and many more.

3 Simple Steps to build your CV with PaanGO resume builder

Get Started

PaanGO’s wizard helps you to quickly capture your relevant details and build the initial resume instantly. Once you sign up, you will be prompted to enter details in a step by step manner to get your first cut resume ready.


Once the basic information has been entered through the wizard, PaanGO provides the ability to enter other relevant details which you can pick and choose. PaanGO’s quality score provides guidance to avoid common mistakes and move towards completeness of resume. Various templates can be chosen to suite the purpose. These templates can be changed anytime without effecting the details entered.

Download and Share

Once ready with resume, you can download it in PDF or share your online resume. The online resumes shared can be tracked from PaanGO’s dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a sample resume using PaanGO for you to see how yours could look when you are done!
Ensure you put up a professional picture with clear background. You need not be dressed in a suite and tie but it should have a clean look with your face clearly visible and occupying 80% of the picture. Don't forget the smile!
A resume should not be more than 2 pages. It should not be long! Try to be within 1 page. This is what Mark Twain a famous American author said:
I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.
For students, it is extremely important that apart from academics, you showcase your skills through our section "Special Projects". Other than that, if you have any certifications you should put that up. Honors and Awards is another important section. And most important, do not forget the recommendation section to get as many recommendation as possible from your instructor, teacher and colleagues and friends. If you have done internship, you can add that either under special projects or under work experience. Try to get recommendation from where you have done your internship.
Some example of Special Projects include:

1. Any academic / lab project you have done individually or in a group.
2. Any extra curricular project you have undertaken, eg. you have arranged a fest in your college, or was part of some body / council in your institute / hostel.

Provide a short description of what your role was and what was your achievement. Also, try to create a video to show your work or a website which will give clear picture of what you had done. Check out our relevant blog posts to see how to do this.
5. Typo and gramatical mistakes
4. Show duties instead of accomplishments
3. Cluttered resume
2. A bad objective
1. Incorrect contact information
Here are 34 tips for a successful job interview

courtesy: http://www.geckoandfly.com

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