Tips for summer internship

In this blog post, we are going to cover some tips for students applying for summer internship.

Why summer internship is important?

Summer Internship is important because:

  • Mandated by the college course curriculum to spend few months as an intern ideally in an industry related to your graduation.
  • It helps you to get an early visibility of the changes you would undergo from a student to a professional.

How should you choose your place of internship?

It is important to chose your place of internship wisely. This should be a dream organization where you would like to work post your graduation. If you get through as an intern and show your skills to perform the job inside the organization, there are chances you would land up with a confirmed job offer before you complete your graduation from this organization. So use your best judgement to select a series of organization where you would like to see yourself working in future and then start your application process.

How to prepare to apply for the internship?

This is as important as job search and job preparation. So take the right steps to prepare for the application. Below are some of the steps that could follow:

  • You should target to apply for the position of summer internship around October to November a year before.
  • Get your resume ready and reviewed by friends before you send it across. You can use PaanGO’s resume builder to build your intern resume.
  • Send your resume to company website which may have a section under careers for internships. Else, you should try following:
    • Find someone from linkedin in that organization and connect to them. Once connection is accepted, send in your resume to that person seeking help. This works pretty well as I have accepted many intern resume in my career for the organizations I worked for.
    • You may also send it through  your Training and Placement cell.
  • Many organization would have some of the basic level tests like aptitude tests which are also taken by job seekers to qualify in their organization. Insure, you understand this process and prepare well for such tests. PaanGO provides many mock aptitude tests that you can take to prepare yourself for the summer intern job.

Once qualified for the internship, insure you do a great job in completing any of the tasks assigned to you. Show enthusiasm to learn and flexibility to take up any tasks. Please note your mentors have volunteered to put in their valuable time in guiding you while you are there to accomplish the goals set for you. You have to keep in mind that you are no more in college and rules here are quite different. Take time to learn those rules first hand. Any violation may lead you to lose an opportunity of future employment in that organization.

We hope you find the above tips useful. We wish you success with your summer internship.


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