Are you creating your new resume?

Creating a new resume is always a challenge. Most job seekers start from an existing resume that they get from their friends, colleagues or through google search. It is tedious task to build resume from scratch. At PaanGO, we tried to make simply resume building. PaanGO’s resume builder comes with pre-built sections. Each section has a drop down to select the right job role and the required details related to those job roles. All you need is to pick and select all that is relevant for you and it gets added to your resume. You can further edit any section to make it accurately represent you. We have this done for students, interns and professionals. Now your resume building got easier. Once you have entered the required information, you can pick from various templates to fit your requirement. Each template provides unique layout and content display to match various job requirements.


So if you are thinking of building your new resume, try out PaanGO’s resume builder.

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