3 Valuable resources for job seekers!

If you intend to look for a job, here are some of the valuable resources that would prove handy to you:

1. Jobs: PaanGO provides related jobs once you signup. PaanGO also streams various jobs across the world through its twitter handle PaanGODotCom. You can follow us in twitter to get latest updates on Jobs, interview questions / quizzes and new resume templates.

2. Resume: PaanGO provides one of the best resume builder with various templates to suit different job functions. There are many designs available to chose from. You can build your resume here.

3. Next, once you have secured an interview, you can take practice tests to crack the interview. You would need to practice various tests like aptitude, programming for various languages like C, C++, Java / java script, python and others, general tests for non-programming jobs, personality traits and so on. You can prepare yourself through these mock tests here.

Please leave your suggestions and questions below to further improve the experience of job seekers.

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