What’s next?

We at PaanGO are working on the next big thing that we believe would awe our users. We will play a game here. We want you to guess what this next thing is all about. In the next few weeks, you will get a series of hints. Leave your guesses in the comments section. Lets see if you get it right!

Here is the first Clue: We are working on the thumb :-).

PaanGO's upcoming feature : Thumb
Clue #1 for you to guess on what we are working on …


This week, we are releasing the second clue – it has Cards and the thumb!

PaanGO second clue
Clue #2: Cards + Thumb!

Lets see how many can guess it right!  You can follow us on Facebook or twitter to get the updates. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, you can build your resume and apply for jobs here. For interview questions, you can use our quiz section providing practice tests.

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