Online Resume : Explained by a Father to his 6 year old daughter

It was Sunday afternoon and I was focusing on creating some of the briefs of the latest features added to PaanGO. My daughter walked up to me and started asking questions. I tried to keep her occupied by giving her some homework to do but then there were more questions coming up so finally I decided to give up working on my briefs and engage with her. Below are some of the conversations we had:

Daughter: Dad, what do you do?

Dad: I help people to build great resumes.

Daughter: What is a resume Dad?

Dad: Well, if I want to change my job and get  new one, I need to write about myself and what I did over the past and what I can do for the new organization. If my skills matches with the need of the organization, they would call me to ask some questions and then hire me.

Daughter:  Do you write this on a piece of paper the way we do in our class?

Dad: Well, we write it in our computer. And we send our resume through email.

Daughter: Ahh, so you do not waste paper. You save trees!

Dad: Oh Ya!

She goes away and after around an hour comes back with the drawing she made. I couldn’t stop doing what I was doing and post this here.

Online Resume
Build online resumes – Save Trees

This was very inspiring for me to work harder towards realizing my true potential in life! This is the philosophy we truly believe at PaanGO!

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