How recruiters can make job posts attractive?

We see lot of jobs posts from recruiters through various social media like twitter, linkedIN, Facebook among others. Most of the job posts consists of just textual information asking job seekers to click on the link to go to webpage and read the detailed job posts. More than 70% of job seekers are passive and this way of reaching to them definitely would not motivate them to click on the job posts.

We see a way to make the job posts more attractive as well as deliver better branding! All social media platforms provide the ability to upload a photo or image. This can be utilized to provide better experience to job seekers and create attractive job posts. Such job posts standout among the other job posts as your message now takes more real state in the message feeds. This is a free way to make your job posts more attractive.

We understand that creating images for each job posts is tedious work. So we figured out a way to simplify the process. We have created a super easy way to create these images by just filling out few details about the job post and its ready! It would not take you any more time than you do today to create your current job posts for sharing in social media!!! Below image shows how your job post would look using our tool.


Click here to start creating your job posts through PaanGO Recruit. Its easy! Once you have created the job posts, you can download the image and attach it with to your messages in social media. We will soon add the ability to tweet your jobs directly from here with the image getting attached automatically with the tweet! How cool that would be? Leave us your comments and feedback to make this more useful to all recruiters.


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