The New Age Marketing

Marketing Extended to include recruitment of talent
Marketing role is extended to attract talent in their pipeline

Traditionally, marketing was responsible to create pipeline for sales. In the current situation, where the war for talent is at the peak, marketing role is extended to include generating talent pipeline through various brand building initiatives.

New Age Marketing
New Age Marketing role is extended to generate pipeline for both sales and recruitment

Recruitment now works with Marketing to attract talent. Marketing works with HR and recruitment to build an overall brand strategy to attract and retain talent. Some of the messages that marketing projects to attract job seekers include:

Great Organization

People want to join an organization with great vision and demonstrated ability to achieve the vision. As Simon Sinek in his fantastic Ted Talk on Start with why – how great leaders inspire action, said, people care for why you do rather than how and what you do. Marketing takes this message to the target talent (potential job seekers) and builds the talent pipeline for recruitment.

Great people

Great people want to work with great people. So, organizations showcase their great people through marketing to attract similar talent. There are people coming from reputed institutes. Such people are showcased to attract talent from such institutes. There are people working on latest and breakthrough technologies. Such stories are shared with the outside world to again attract talent.

Cool culture

People want to work in an environment which offers room for creativity and freedom to attain their true potential. Showcasing company cultures which provides freedom to people to pursue their interests is a great way to show to the job seekers that they would enjoy at the work place.

We care ..

This is an area through which organizations show that they care about their people. There are many learning opportunities including higher education policy which attracts job seekers to join the organization.  Also, having a work life balance is another criteria for many job seekers.

We see the extended role of marketing already happening in many organizations. May be time has come when a new branch of marketing is offered in educational institutes - Marketing in Talent Management!

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