PaanGO Mobile App is coming …. Sign Up for Beta

We see that most of our users spend their time on mobile while surfing for job opportunities. However, it makes it difficult to apply for those opportunities through mobile. We solved this problem through the PaanGO App. Job seekers can create their new resume or upload an existing resume through PaanGO’s Resume Builder. This can be done once from their desktop.

For the rest of the time, job seekers can use their mobile phone to apply for jobs. The process is simple. Once you have the PaanGO app on your mobile, you can easily apply for a job through the app which stores your latest resumes. PaanGO app allows you to simply select one of your resumes from mobile and then hit the share button. This will open your commonly used email. It will attach the resume automatically in that email. The subject line will be auto filled as well as the body of the email will have your covering letter of your choice. You just need to enter the email address where you want to send this resume and hit the send button!

Our first version will be on android phone / devices. If you want to join the beta program, please email us at We will send you the app download link soon.

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