You can now have your resume in your pocket!

PaanGO Mobile App for Android devices
PaanGO App to send resume from android devices.

PaanGO recently launched its “On the GO” PaanGO app for android users. It allows job seekers to have resumes / CV available on their mobile and send their applications to hiring managers anytime and anywhere with a click!

Once users have created their resume / CV using PaanGO’s online resume builder, the resume with all the different templates shall be available on the mobile phone through PaanGO app. PaanGO app ensures the latest resumes are always used. Couple of the challenges faced with mobile phones are the availability of adequate bandwidth and connectivity. This restricts job seekers to send their resumes / CV anytime and anywhere. Special care had been taken to reduce bandwidth consumption. Even if connectivity is not available, users can still compose their email with the resume attached and send their email. The email shall rest in their outbox. When the connectivity is established, the email shall be automatically delivered to the hiring manager.

The other cool feature is the analytics. Users shall get instant notification once recruiter has opened their resume. We believe our users would love this app. Click on the “Feedback” button on the app to let us know what you think!

Watch the video explaining the various features of PaanGO app.

PaanGO app is now available for download at Google Play. Right now we have launched this app for android users. In near future, we will have the app available for iOS users as well.


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