An interview with Social Recruiter – Khalid Raza

Talent Development Leader in HR, IBM
Talent Development Manager, IBM

In a recent talk with Khalid Raza, Talent Development Manager, IBM and a social evangelist, shared his views with us on changing talent paradigm and some suggestions for job seekers to increase their chances of success with their job search. Khalid is a certified IBM Recruiter and has been recognized in the top 50 HR professionals in India by People Matters. In this article we will share Khalid’s tips with our readers.

In the first half of our discussion, Khalid shared with us some of the processes followed by recruiter once they receive a resume. Two of the aspects are checked by the automated system: Experience and Skills. If there is a match of the above two with the job description in hand, then they proceed to manually look at the resume. Some of the things which Khalid keenly searches for in a resume are originality in work descriptions and special projects. Also, key accomplishments should stand out in these sections. Most resumes have work descriptions copied from the internet. Many a times, candidates just put a line for the work description which tells nothing or very less to the recruiter. Khalid suggests that candidate should clearly mention the role a candidate played in a particular work description and the impact it created.

Another important suggestion is to see resume as a branding tool for an individual seeking job. Candidates should use their resume to position themselves clearly for a given job role.

We thank Khalid for his review of PaanGO’s resume builder. PaanGO provides the ability to build resume following industry best practices. Also, recently PaanGO introduced resume analyser to provide instant feedback on an existing resume by just uploading on the site and checking out the recommendations.

We thank Khalid for his valuable time in sharing his experience in recruitment. We believe this information shall help job seekers to succeed in the process of job search. You can find Khalid on LinkedIn here or follow on twitter (@khalidraza9).

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