Resume building made easy


Pre-configured professional goals and job / role descriptions added

Writing resume is never easy. Unless pushed to the corner where you are looking for a job, the chances are you as a job seeker would avoid spending efforts building your resume.

At PaanGO, which provides the resume builder to create professional CV, many of our users have asked for guidance in building resume to enhance their chances of getting to the job interview. We analysed the various resume sections and found that there are fields in the resume which are facts and does not strain your mind to input those information. However, there are section which require you to put down subjective statements. This is where a lot of us tend to give up as it requires a lot of thinking.

PaanGO has now come out with pre-built subjective phrases based on your job area / field. This will act as a guide to create your own statements or use the one provided by PaanGO if that is applicable. This is another step taken by PaanGO to make it easier to build resume.

Pre-set professional goals in resume builder

If you are finding it hard to come up with a professional goal, PaanGO provides you with the option to pick from pre-set professional goals. Go to Build -> Basic information and then to “Professional Goal” section. Scroll down the various professional goals provided by PaanGO’s resume builder and select the one that meets your job requirements. Of course, you can modify or change your professional goal as per the job position you are applying.

profGoalFigure 1: Pre-set professional goals through PaanGO’s resume builder

Enhancing Experience through better showcasing accomplishments

PaanGO provides suggestions to enhance the job “Experience” section in your CV. Based on the job area / job field and the job title / position, pre-created job roles can be added easily. Once the filter for the job field and job position has been set, relevant job descriptions and the various activities related to the job position is provided by PaanGO’s resume builder. Select the ones that applies to the job position in hand and add them to the CV.

keyPhraseFigure 2: Accomplishment suggestions under Experience section in PaanGO’s resume builder

Try out these suggestions to improve your resume. We wish all job seekers the very best in succeeded with their next job interview.


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