Tips to create awesome videos from powerpoint to embed in resume

In this section, we will show you how to create awesome videos from powerpoint. The purpose of providing this section is to help job seekers to showcase their skills through videos. PaanGO provides the ability to embed videos to your online resume.

Step 1

Create your powerpoint presentation. Ensure you are using font size of 28 and above. Leave enough white spaces to avoid clutter.

Step 2

Use the right slide transition to create a great effect. In Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 and 2014, “TRANSITIONS” is available from the toolbar at the top.

Step 3

Now set timings for appearance of text / image in the right sequence. Go to “ANIMATION” on the toolbar and set the sequence and the timing.

Step 4

Press F5 and run through the slides. Fix any transition / animation issues.

Step 5

Now you can create the video. Go to File ->Export and select “Create a Video”. You can use “Computer & HD Displays” and “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations”. Click on Create Video and generate the mp4 video file.

Step 6

Go to youtube and login with your credentials. Upload this video.

Step 7

You can enhance this video by adding audio / music. Click here to see details.

Your video is now ready for share! Checkout the video we created using these steps: Link to trackable infographic resume.

You can now go to and create your own trackable infographic / modern or traditional resume.

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