How to embed video inside your trackable infographic resume?

In this post we are going to provide you with the steps to embed your video inside the infographic resume using PaanGO’s resume builder


Go to Build->Special Projects and Click on +Add.

Special Project in PaanGO resume builder


Enter the various details for the project including the name of the project, date (start and end date) and a good description. Add the video URL below and save.

How to add Project description in resume using PaanGO’s resume builder


Your video link is now embedded inside your resume.

Special Project in PaanGO resume builder
Video link inside infographic resume in PaanGO resume builder

Now, you can share your resume by creating a share link. View the video under apply section in the features page in PaanGO to checkout how your video is embedded inside your infographic resume.

Your video will now play from by clicking on the link inside your infographic resume!

For tips on creating videos from powerpoint, please check out the blog: Tips to create awesome videos from powerpoint to embed in resume.

Get ready to create your own infographic resume using PaanGO resume builder.

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