How to Get and Give recommendation on PaanGO’s resume builder?

In this blog, we are going to explain how to get recommendation and to give recommendation through PaanGO resume builder.

First, signup at PaanGO’s resume builder

Once you have built your CV using the various sections under “Build”, you can start with getting your recommendation and enhancing your resume further. Below we list down the process of getting recommendation using PaanGO’s resume builder.

PaanGO’s Recommendation in resume builder

Click on Recommendation.

There are 4 sections under recommendation: Received, Ask, Given and Give.

How to Get Recommendation?

Click on Ask. Enter Email and a message and click on “Ask for recommendation” button.

Your request will go to the person whom you have asked for recommendation. Once the recommendation is provided by your contact, you will get a notification in your email and can see the same in “Received” section.

When you have received your recommendation, you need to accept it to get it added to your profile. Once you click on “accept“, you will see the recommendation in your profile. If you need a change, you can click on the “request change” button. This will send the request back to the person who recommended you with your change request message.

How to Give Recommendation?

You will receive a request from your colleague for recommendation. You will get a notification in your email as well as in your Give section.

Once you type in your recommendation, click on “Give” button. This recommendation will appear on your colleague’s resume. Your details like your name and Role shall appear on his resume. So ensure you have filled up your details as well.

You can view the recommendations you have written in the “Given” section.

We hope you find this blog useful. Now you can build CV from PaanGO.

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